The Heliocol solar pool heating advantage, excellence in engineering.
Heliocol solar pool heating panels are available in three colors to match your roof surface.

The Heliocol Advantage

Excellence in Engineering

Each Heliocol panel is manufactured from the highest quality, UV stabilised polypropylene to ensure that the water coming from the collectors is safe, clean and tested to rigorous standards. This unique formula is known for its high levels of performance and UV resistance.

Heliocol's manufacturing process is certified as complying with  ISO 9001:2008 Standard for quality management and with ISO 14,000:2004 for environmental management. Only those companies performing at the highest levels in their industries have the ability to meet these demanding requirements.

Backed by years of precision engineering, the best materials and exceptional attention to detail, Heliocol has maintained its position as the solar pool heating industry leader for more than three decades.

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Advanced design characteristics make Heliocol solar pool heating systems the best in the world.

Advanced Design Characteristics

  • One-Piece, Overmolded Panel - The headers and individual tubes are fused together during manufacturing, providing the strongest possible connection and eliminating cracks and welds.
  • Individual Tubes - Heliocol's open panel design eliminates lift in high winds, allows rapid evaporation for a dry, healthy roof, and captures more heat throughout the day as sunlight moves along its rounded tubes.
  • Patented Panel Clamps - Heliocol panels are connected with a patented clamping system which, unlike other systems, never requires rooftop maintenance, replacement or tightening.
  • Patented Gator Clamps - Heliocol is the only solar pool heating system to be mounted with patented Gator clamps. These clamps provide more security with fewer roof penetrations - no straps required!

Performance Ratings

Head Loss Flow Rate

KJ Per Day

Heliocol Collector Pressure Drop

Heliocol solar pool heating performance ratings.
Heliocol solar pool heating flow rates.