Enjoy more warm, comfortable swimming with Heliocol solar pool heating.
Families Enjoy Solar Pool Heating from Heliocol Asia

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Residential Solar Pool Heating in Asia

Your swimming pool is an important investment, adding value to your home, health and lifestyle. Why let it sit unused for half the year or more? With a Heliocol solar pool heating system you can enjoy warm, comfortable swimming night or day, for more of the year. 

Imagine your warm, crystal clear pool as the centerpiece of your own private resort. Enjoy a healthy morning swim at sunrise, spend afternoons by the pool with family and friends, or relax in the evenings with a romantic, moonlight dip. 


Doctors and physical therapists consider swimming as one of the safest, most beneficial forms of low-impact exercise. In a heated pool, you can enjoy daily workouts in the privacy of your own backyard throughout the year.


Very young children and elderly swimmers will particularly benefit from the use of a heated pool. Medical experts claim that the loss of too much body heat in cool water leads to respiratory infections in susceptible swimmers.


Make the most of your swimming pool today with a Heliocol pool heating system.

  • Worlds Largest Solar Pool Manufacturer
  • Extend Your Swimming Season
  • Strong Warranty
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Chosen to Heat Olympic Pools
  • Maintenance Free

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